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Please note:
There are no facilities for collecting orders.

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Post and Packing.

Due to the complexities of the latest Royal Mail ' price restructure
it is difficult to quote for mixed orders. As a rough guide here are some examples: (first class)

Plates and packing in a padded mail lite bag:  £1.15 / Signed: £2.00.
Two pairs of bogies in a padded mail lite bag: £1.45/ Signed: £2.50.
Two coach sides and protective packing:  £3.20.
Small parcels:  £3.20
Proof of posting is acquired for ALL orders sent out.

Payment details:

If you intend paying by cheque please use the open cheque method.  If your order is for £10.00, and £1.10 postage and packing, you would endorse your cheque as “Not more than say: Fifteen pounds”. This margin will allow for any price increase or error in calculations. I will complete the cheque to the value of the order. A detailed invoice is always included with your order.

Credit and debit card facilities are now available by phone.

Orders under £10.00 subject to a surcharge of 50p


PayPal is not accepted.


And finally: This business is run as a one man band. There will be times when I can not get to the phone, there may even be a whole day when I am away from the phone or the run-up to a show : several days, for this I apologise in advance and ask your forbearance. 

I don't 'do' facebook, twitter, blogs or any of the web forums as I deem them to be  a waste of valuable time.
This is not a live web shop, rather an online catalogue of parts produced/stocked. There will occasionally be stock outs, monies sent will be refunded in such circumstances.  No monies are banked until the order -complete or otherwise- is ready for posting.
Aimed primarily at the 4mm modeller we manufacture & supply a growing  range of steam era nameplates, smoke box plates, headboards, shed codes and works plates.      2mm plates here.

Loco detailing parts include: Whistle, darts, safety valves,  crank pins, bearings, couplings,  a selection of cast white metal parts and more.

Large range of Markits 4mm products. Romford drivers to order.

Follow the link buttons at the top of the page, have a browse .  We might just have that nicky-nacky you're looking for.
Diesel & electric name plates and detailing parts
are available from Brian at Shawplan.
Coughed and spluttered
Except low loaders & prime movers.
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Updated Daily.
Your 1st stop for steam era  nameplates
Post days are: Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
All prices are inclusive.
County champions 2015
Gresley TPO Diag.165  Etched sides:...............  On Order
Last run. Limited stock.
Telephone.............:  01484 840996
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